When It Rains It Pours

There are times when we are so happy that we believe nothing can go wrong. And then, out of the blue, problems come one by one or all at once. The reason for this is simple, life without any hardships does not exist. No matter what you do or how hard you try to control every situation, there will always be difficulties that will challenge your whole being. And when they arrive, be prepared because when it rains, it pours.

I do not handle stress well. I am so bad at it, so much so that it makes me physically and emotionally down. When something unexpected happens, I lose my temper. I cry when I am under so much pressure. Whenever I make a mistake, I become unfocused and tend to mess everything up after that. This being the case, I try to be ready for everything. I anticipate problems even before I encounter them. Avoiding anything that can stress me out is my solution. I thought if I do things right all the time, I will be fine. But I was wrong. We can’t always be perfect or flawless.

Imagine this. Everything is going well with your work. The teachers want to work with you forever. Your relationship with your students is fantastic. And you haven’t had any problems with the parents. Overall, you feel so happy and contented. However, at the end of the school year, when the homeroom teachers gave the report cards to the students, someone pointed out that her grade in your subject is wrong. Now that one mistake makes you panic a little bit. But it’s not a big deal… or not, because when you corrected that one mistake in your computer, you decided to check all the others. And as you go over your record, you realize that not just one or two students’ grades were wrong, but nine. NINE!

And all in all, eleven students will be affected. You couldn’t believe it. You know that you reviewed the grades over and over. And you checked them many times until you are sure they are all correct. But how stupid can you be to input 33 instead of 45 or 27 instead of 18, and so on?

It was a disaster. And you couldn’t give any excuses because there were none. You felt so bad because your mistakes troubled people. The homeroom teacher will have to visit the students in their homes and apologize to the parents during spring vacation. Instead of relaxing at home, she has to drive to different places to inform the families of the new grades. It makes you feel so guilty, and you wished that you could change the situation or go back to that time before you put in the scores. You cried that night and thought that there is no such thing as life without problems.

Nothing is permanent. Everyone makes mistakes. And even if you feel that life is going well for you, it won’t be like that forever. You have problems; you just don’t know them yet. It is the calm before the storm. That time, when you are so happy because things are doing great, and then suddenly things are going downhill. That’s the storm, a series of misfortunes happening all at once to strike you.

But don’t let your problems consume you. Face them head-on and turn your setbacks into comebacks. Accept that you were wrong and don’t escape the consequences.

I went to work early the next day. Instead of acting as if nothing happened, I talked to my bosses and apologized to each of them. I didn’t give any excuses. I just admitted that it was my mistake and that I will be more careful next time. It took me a lot of courage to ask for forgiveness and bow so many times. Although it was embarrassing at first, I didn’t feel less of a person after.

Mistakes are only failures if you don’t learn from them. When you turn them into learning experiences, they can help you become successful. Lastly, life is a series of endless adversities. When it rains, it pours. But the same goes for blessings. When one good thing happens, others follow. And after every storm comes a rainbow.

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