Buying a House in Japan as a Foreigner: Step 2

Looking For and Researching about Houses As soon as I got my permanent visa, I started looking for houses and exploring my options. There are so many ways where you can find properties if you know where to look.  Knowing lots of people and having friends who have bought a house here in Japan wouldContinue reading “Buying a House in Japan as a Foreigner: Step 2”

Buying a House in Japan as a Foreigner – Step 1

Buying a house isn’t a rushed decision. I have thought and prayed about it for over a few years. When I became sure that I wanted to work and live here in Japan for a long time, I started working on the dream. Plan and Preparation  To acquire a property here in Japan, I neededContinue reading “Buying a House in Japan as a Foreigner – Step 1”

Learning About Japanese Zen Gardens

It is said that Kyoto is the center of Zen Buddhism in Japan, so the most sublime Zen temples are there. Japanese Zen gardens or karesansui, which means dry landscape gardens, are created by Buddhist monks to help with their meditation. Therefore, it is only fitting that Japanese gardens give people tranquility and peace ofContinue reading “Learning About Japanese Zen Gardens”

Common Spelling Mistakes Japanese Students Make

   I have been teaching for about five years now and these are the most common spelling mistakes my students make. Most of these mistakes happen because typical Japanese students write the word they are not familiar with as they pronounce it and also because Japanese hiragana and katakana are different from the English alphabets.  R and L   AlmostContinue reading “Common Spelling Mistakes Japanese Students Make”